“As an artist I contribute my personal vision and response to social issues through narrative sculpture. My installations combine ceramic figures with digital photo montages composed within imagined spaces. The concepts for my work have ranged from human consciousness, to nostalgia, and currently my concerns for environmental impacts to the food we consume.”  Nan Smith


in the studio

Nan Smith is a full-time studio artist who maintains her sculpture and photography studio in Gainesville, Florida. Her work has been published and exhibited internationally. A Professor Emeritus from the School of Art + Art History at the University of Florida, Smith presents figure sculpture and mold-making workshops, and lectures on environmental conservation the current theme of her artworks.

Nan is currently accepting commissions for portrait sculptures of children, and tile murals. New to her body of work are her photographs on paper which are available for purchase. (Nan’s complete Biography and CV appear through the top links)


upcoming workshops & exhibitions

Nan is currently (2019) completing her next large installation and tile murals for exhibition. The art works are based on research about global water conservation. She is looking for venues for this work, so if you have suggestions please contact her.

Nan Smith is scheduled to teach a one week figure sculpture session titled – “Style and Voice” at the Arrowmont School of Arts + Crafts, July 26 – August 1, 2020. Nan is planning to teach a two-week figure sculpting workshop at the Anderson Ranch in 2021. For more information please feel free to contact us.

recent project

The Mercury installation informs the public about environmental impacts to seafood and the need for conserving our oceans and seas. The Research | Mercury Art + Science page is intended as a resource about environmental mercury. Learn more about the development of the installation and the research that was conducted to support the art work on our Research | Mercury Art + Science page.

Narrated by Nan Smith,
Directed and Produced by Alan Saperstein

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“INVOKING THE KIND OF AGGRESSIVELY SYMBOLIC PROGRAM that one associates with 16th century fresco cycles and complex ensembles of allegorical statuary, Nan Smith’s Mercury seizes space and conjures within it a monumental disquisition in which every surface and form participates with ringing clarity.”

Glen R. Brown, PhD

Professor of Art History, Kansas State University - Ceramics: Art and Perception Magazine

“Throughout her career, Smith has used the ability to mimic almost any surface or form to create trompe-loeil images. Her work has never been about simple illusionism, however. This is a device Smith uses to examine complex issues. Mercury continues this dynamic of deceptive simplicity.”

Anthony Merino

Art Critic and Curator based in Massachusetts - Ceramics Ireland Magazine

“Although Mercury relies on extensive research to show steps by which the damage is done, like Smith’s other works, it presents its message as an experience in which the orchestration of forms and interplay of invented symbols have an intrinsic aesthetic resonance.”

John L. Ward, PhD, Art Historian

Professor Emeritus, University of Florida - Sculpture Magazine

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