If you are interested in purchasing one of my sculptures, tile works, or photographs please fill out the form below and send a message. I will be happy to provide prices and more information. Please note: All photographic prints on paper and on tile are created as limited editions. The images on tile can be printed for you on specialty paper or on tile. You can place an order for one or more prints in custom sizes on specialty paper.


I love sculpting children and dogs! If you are interested in commissioning a portrait sculpture, please feel free to contact me via e-mail and we will make an appointment to discuss the project by phone.


Get in touch by filling out the form with a message and we will come up with something special for you and your students.

My workshops vary and can be tailored to your interests. The topics listed below can be mixed and matched. I offer two and three-day demonstrations as well as one, and two-week hands-on teaching sessions.

I have taught workshops at many universities and colleges as well as recently at Penland, Arrowmont, the Ceramics Ireland International Festival, and at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.  In 2020, I will be offering workshops at the Anderson Ranch Art Center and at the Archie Bray Foundation.

Workshop topics include:

  • Figure sculpting – demonstrations with lectures on anatomy, proportion, expression, and gesture. Portrait sculpting and full-figure.
  • Life casting – demonstrations with alja-safe, plaster, plaster gauze, and body safe silicone for life casts. Press-molding techniques.
  • Rubber Molds for Ceramics – demonstrations of rubber molds for ceramics including silicone and polyurethane slab matts and sectional molds. How to create plaster, plasti-paste, and free-form air lightweight mother molds. Thorough instruction about how to select and use Smooth-on products (from urethane plastics to epoxy putty).
  • Plaster Molds for slip-casting – demonstrations and hands-on experience of how to design and create a sectional mold for complex sculptural forms. Designing a model for mold-making. Lectures on plaster types and uses. Demonstrations of slip-casting, detailing, and form construction using castings from two or more molds.
  • Underglaze and Over Glaze for Sculpture – demonstrations and hands-on experience with airbrush painting underglaze color on ceramics. Methods of spraying glaze. File preparation, creation and application techniques for your own China Paint Decals (from small images to full sheet decals). Firing schedules and glaze information included.
  • Idea Generation, Research, Visual Dynamics – lectures, discussions, and exercises that will assist you in clarifying and evolving basic ideas into visually dynamic and insightful imagery. I have taught idea development to BFA and MFA students at the university level for 40 years. This skill will allow you to create personal and universally understood imagery so that you are work really communicates your ideas.

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